Monday, 23 April 2012

Make and Bake!

This is Honey Bunny. We have been babysitting her for our friends next door while they were on holiday. She's going home this week, and I will miss her, although I know her family will be overjoyed to see her again! She's so friendly and snuggly, and makes the cutest noises when she hops over to see you.
The kids have gone back to school after a two week break, so I spent Sunday afternoon baking yummy things to put in their lunchboxes.
I'm always so enthusiastic at the beginning of term when it comes to baking! I made savoury scrolls aswell, which were still in the oven when I took this photo. I know several hours of work will be devoured in about two days though, then they will spend the rest of the week wailing that there's nothing to eat. It's like living with a swarm of locusts.
Mmmmmmm.....cherry and almond shortbread..... The locusts aren't so fussed on these, which is a shame, because now I will have to eat them. Bummer...
The kids did some fishing at the river during the holidays... (not many fish, but lots of jumping in the river!)..
...while I sat in the shade with my knitting, complete with piggish companion. Such a nice way to spend an afternoon.
The girls and I did a road trip up to Keri Keri (7 hours drive north) to visit my Grandma. She's 95 and still sprinting around everywhere. She has given me her old sewing machine as she can't use it any more. It's so bizarre that I now have both my grandmother's Singer machines! I will be able to pass them on to both my girls. 
There's Cleo wearing her anti-aardvark hat (don't ask). I was using up some scraps, and this strange thing materialised. It's her new favourite accessory and she wears it with everything. Diva has requested one aswell! We shopped for wool in Keri Keri, and hers will be green, blue and purple stripes. I did have to talk her out of the baby alpaca wool at $17 a ball though! 
Five projects on the go at the moment! A little excessive I know. A bunny for my new nephew Toby, who arrived into the world last week, a grey shrug cardigan for me, purple stripy long socks for Diva, green stripy socks for my Dad, and a purple cabled vest for Cleo!
I'm so enjoying making this bunny, he's brimming with personality.
Here he is modelling the front bit of his jumper, with the gingham fabric that will become his stylish but comfortable trousers.
I think a green scarf may be necessary to complete his outfit! I'm having trouble naming him though, any ideas?


  1. I can't wait to see it all!!!

  2. The cherry almond shortbread makes my mouth water. Thank you for sharing about your lovely family,

  3. Love the look of your baking especially those cherry almond shortbreads, yum!
    The bunny you've made is very cute, such long arms and legs. :)
    Anne xx