Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Bunnies

HELLO!!! And Happy Easter! Here I am with my BBF (best bunny friend) Kate having a wine or three a few weeks ago. I'm so sorry to anyone who may have missed me slightly that it's been a whole month since my last post. I really don't know how March flew by so quickly, it just seemed to be a busy one.
Spencer and Cleo did the annual mudslide on our neighbour's farm, run by the Boy Scouts. It's a wonderful filthy day for the kids, followed by several days of trying to get them clean again. 
I had such good intentions of doing it with them this year, but I chickened out at the last minute. Just the thought of all that oozy stinky mud between my toes....EW!
Cleo had another Kempo grading. At the moment she is one belt below black. At each grading she earns another stripe, and now has three. Once she gets to six she will grade for black belt, in about a year. Not bad for a ten year old! At least I know if she ever gets picked on by bullies she can beat the crap out of them!!! I'm SO proud!
Why do cats love boxes so much? Angus, Piglet and Nutmeg crammed themselves into this one and slept in it for an entire day. It is autumn now and getting cooler, maybe I should try sleeping in a box? The Husband bought a new lawnmower last week and it came in a HUGE box......hmmmm, I'm having one of those Things...a headache...with IDEA!!
This strikes me as a good idea too. I had a pet ferret when I was twelve and I love the little critters.
I haven't had a very productive month craft-wise. I've got a couple of knitting projects on the go, which I will photograph when I get batteries for my camera. And I did make a nice bucket hat for my 20 year old nephew, but I forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it away to him!
Anyway here is a knitted clock I made, which drives The Husband bonkers because it doesn't have any numbers, and if it's not hanging quite straight it's very confusing!!
I intend attaching numbers, but I haven't decided how. Maybe buttons? I like the idea of row counters, but they are usually quite big and cylindrical, so I don't really know how I would attach them.
I hope you have a lovely funny bunny Easter, with lots of carrot...I mean chocolate!
Lots of love


  1. I have been wondering what you've been up to lately. And you bunnies look gorgeous. The clock is too fabulous for words. I kind of like it without numbers, but am looking forward to seeing what cleverness you come up with. Belinda.

  2. I loved this post. There is Kate having a wine or three with bunny ears. And then children covered in mud, what fun, those photos made me giggle.
    Lovely to see your daughter training in a marshall art, it's so good for their confidence. I have a daughter who did karate and it really helped her.
    Kitties in boxes are really very, very cute. We have one that likes to get into shopping bags. :)
    Your yarn clock is an interesting idea. I like the way you have used knitting needles for the hands and as for driving your hubby bonkers, a little something to keep him on his toes. :)
    Happy Easter to you and your family,
    Anne xx