Friday, 8 June 2012

Kitties and Knitties

Happy birthday to me!!! This is my awesome present from my friend Kate, to celebrate reaching 43 of your earth years.
May was full of making and doing, sprinkled with family dramas, broken limbs and cats!
Here's the abridged version...
Two new kittens arrived from the SPCA, after our beloved Piglet went to the Big Catnip Patch in the sky. That's Luna on the left, and Charlie getting a cuddle from Angus.
Luna was a very sick kitty; malnourished, dehydrated and infected; but she has recovered now. She is still very small though, and instead of meowing she squeaks. 
Here is Dangermouse herself, who spent May in a full leg cast after busting her knee. I reckon the Emergency Room should give us frequent flyer points. Cleo did enjoy being fussed over at school and not having to do cross country. The cast is now off and she's limping around, although still no running or excessive bending for another month.
 Here are some yummy socks I made for my Dad's birthday. I liked them so much....
....that I made some teeny tiny ones for my 2 year old nephew's birthday, to go with his Converse All Stars!!
I might even have enough wool left over to make some for me!
My whole family are addicted to these things, we've all got a couple of pairs.
Cleo's vest is nearly finished, I just have to rib the armholes. She has actually worn it as is and it looks SO cute. It's nice wool too, soft and not itchy. Kids hate itchy don't they?
Here are some Happy Pills I made, perfectly legal with no adverse side effects.
A little too large to swallow whole though!
More birthday presents (no not the child, I've had her for a while). She's modelling a hat I crocheted for her friend Hannah's birthday.
The yarn is from Spotlight, and self-stripes in a most satisfying manner.
Finally, I've been collecting yummy fabrics for ages to make into a nice warm quilt for me and Himself, and got it all cut out, laid out and pinned. I spent a very happy 3 hours shifting little squares around until I was happy with the layout.
I did toy with the idea of having some kind of ordered pattern, but that's not really me, so I went with my usual ordered chaos!! I can't wait to get it finished.
Upcoming excitement involves Diva's school ball. I have to knit her boyfriend a tie, make her a floral hair thing and crochet a lacy shrug to wear over her dress (a divine pale turquoise floaty thing that makes her look like an ethereal creature), as well as cleaning out and decorating our huge garage so they can have their after-ball party in it!
At the same time I will be churning out 8 oil paintings for a local exhibition.
Must remember to keep breathing in and out!

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  1. What a month - and you didn't even include your necklace... although I guess that happened in June? I love the quilt exactly as you had it laid out and I wouldn't change a thing. Love Kate xxooxx.