Monday, 24 September 2012

It's a Jungle in There

Being slightly obsessed with miniature environments, I had a go at making terrariums recently. Here are all the bits laid out and ready to go. In the glass jar are a layer of small stones, then a layer of damp sphagnum moss.

 Some of the mosses I collected from dark and mysterious regions of the garden. These go in after the potting mix, along with...
 ...some small ferns and...
 ...nice rocks!

 A fun trip to the model shop with my son Spencer yielded some tiny figures intended for model railway scenes, perfect for my 'jurassic park'!
 Don't you just love the suspense and impending disembowellment?
 Still, if I was going to be eaten by a dinosaur, I know I would like to spend my final moments snogging my husband!!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Caution - Loud Shirt Zone - Ear protection Required

My Awesome Husband sent me an email from work. 'Loud Shirt Day', it said, to raise money for deaf children. It featured a lovely photo of a VERY LOUD SHIRT. "Darling," said the Husband, "can you make me one like this?" 
I can make one EVEN BETTER!

Needless to say, we won the Loudest Shirt prize, a nice bottle of wine!
I rock.

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I have been making mermaid costumes for the school play.
They look a little sad without the actual mermaid inside them, almost as if the mermaid shed her skin and left it lying around on the beach...
Here's Cleo test-driving one, even though she will be a completely different character in the play. Unfortunately, since the mermaids are unable to swim, slither, or generally waft onto the stage; the feet have to stick out the bottom. However, they will eventually sit, play guitars, and look decorative.
They do look kind of cute from the back, although somewhat more see-through than anticipated. I will advise the wearing of togs underneath rather than knickers.
Do mermaids even wear knickers? The mind boggles...
Happy Thursday to all xxxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Channelling my Inner Rabbit

A recent return to oil painting for a local exhibition brought about some expressions of my inner rabbit. This one is called 'I Have a Gun'. I don't really.
'Sightseeing'. As we blunder along looking around at the world, is it looking back at us?
And '4 Disguises', in descending order of effective concealment.
Note to self: remember to take medication for mental disorder.