Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Baubles

I can now safely post photos of my Christmas Ornament Swap creation!
So much fun to make eight of them, and each one slightly different.
I'm wondering if I can try and make extra tiny ones and turn them into earrings!
Happy Tuesday xxx

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The guts of the matter...

I've been busy crocheting this rabbit for my littlest daughter Cleo (9). He is based on a neat idea by my bloodthirsty friend Kate...
...with removable guts!
Lungs and a heart...
...stomach, liver, gallbladder...
...intestines with carrot...
...and kidneys!
I suppose as a science experiment, he really does give 'Learning Media' a whole new meaning. Cleo is very happy with him, and has christened him Steve, I'm not sure why. She can be seen happily disembowelling him in front of the telly.
On a more pleasant note, because my house is generally a bit of a mess, I try to distract people with nice flowers from my garden! Maybe no one will notice that my cats have been dismantling a bird and there are feathers all over the carpet...
Finally, The Husband is under the impression that I am an avid collector of useless objects and am slowly filling our house with Junk.
I wonder what on earth he means.....

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

It's Wool Jim, but Not As We Know It

I Made Wool!! I took two shades of purple fluff, spun it onto two bobbins, spun it again to ply the strands together, and produced something that vaguely resembles yarn!
It's lumpy, bumpy, thick and thin, uneven and inconsistent, and BEAUTIFUL 'cause I MADE IT all by myself! I feel like I've solved the mysteries of the universe. So as suspected, it's going to take a whole lot of practise to get better at it. But for now, the teenager, Diva, has requested a Ron Weasley jersey made out of this lumpy burgundy-coloured stuff, which is the perfect shade of Gryffindor and will have that wonky hand-made Mrs Weasley look about it. I'm not sure whether she wants a 'D' or an 'R' stitched on the front though. I think she might be slightly in love with Ron, but then, who isn't?
This may look like a book...(because it is, in fact, a book)..
...but open it up, and it's a bomb!!! No, seriously, it has a secret hidey compartment and a torch (the bulb shines through the top of the page edges). My son Spencer made this. He's destined for great things, that boy.
Cleo (see above) is relaxing on the sofa today as school was cancelled due to lack of interest....actually, she broke her toe playing dodgeball yesterday. Bad timimg really, as she has a karate grading this weekend, not quite sure how that's going to work...! Out of all my children, she is the only one to regularly break herself as she speeds, tackles and climbs through life. Little monkey. (See above).
This year I'm taking part in the Christmas ornament swap, and have been busy making six little festive creations to send off to my group. It's so much fun! I have just posted them off this morning, and have received one in return. I will post some photos once they have all been 'swapped'! Please check out Sew Funky and be inspired to take part next year!
Cheerio for now and have a happy day xxx

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Finished Things

A lovely morning of making, doing, knitting and tea-drinking with Kate and Diva. Blustery outside and cosy in, with sleepy cats on the sofa and a Sophie Dahl cooking DVD in the background. Domestic bliss!
I have finished the blanket for my little niece's first birthday on Saturday.
We are driving up to Auckland for the weekend to see her.

The blanket is lovely and chunky and soft, perfect for little fingers to grab and cuddle!
I have also finished my cardigan!
I'm feeling very pleased with myself!
Happy Wednesday xxx

Sunday, 6 November 2011

In a Spin

Just LOOK at my new toy!!
A serendipitous find at a weekend market, bought for a disgustingly low price! When I was little I remember being absolutely fascinated by my Aunt's spinning wheel, and I've always wanted one. I'm literally jumping for joy! Now I have to learn how to use it. I've had a look at some online tutorials, and although it doesn't look too complicated, I'm sure it will take lots and lots of practise to get it right.
Pet Day at school last week. Cleo and Spencer took their cats Piglet and Nutmeg, who won 3rd and 4th Best Cat in the Universe (or Omokoroa anyway)...
...I'm not sure how thrilled they were about it...
There was also a cake decorating competition. Spencer made this cake depicting the Rena leaking oil all over the place, kind of clever I thought!
He won 3rd place! The Rena is now a total shipwreck, very tasty...!
Cleo won 1st place for her little plasticine creation. What clever little monkeys they are!
Well, I'm off to the library to find books about spinning, hooray!!
Have a lovely week xxx