Thursday, 1 March 2012

Art and Penguins

My Nan would be proud. I was never allowed to sit about being idle, instead I was given socks to darn, onions to chop, recipes to write out, and any other little chores to keep my hands busy. Despite all the moaning and complaining I used to do, I am now completely unable to sit still for more than about 3 seconds unless I am making, sewing, knitting or crocheting! And after this weeks monumental craftathon, I'm pretty sure I would get a nod of approval from wherever Nan is hanging out now.
I started my week with a bit of garden art.  I'm not entirely sure why - when I came across my old painting easel in the garage -  I was inspired to stick it in the garden! Possibly because I have almost completely filled my house with junk, and it is now spilling out into the world?
Art is art I guess, whatever the medium! And I won't have to weed it...
 Look at this marvel of modern engineering! I became somewhat irate and uttered some Bad Words while untangling the jumble of cotton reels in my sewing box. 
 I whipped up this organiser contraption with a bit of MDF and a bunch of nails purloined from the Husband's man cave, an old velvet cushion cover and some upholstery trim.
Luckily all the cotton reels hide how wonky the nails are...
Speaking of modern engineering, my Singer sewing machine used to belong to my Nan. She bought it in 1950 and taught my mother to sew on it. I then learned to sew on the same machine when I was a child. When Nan got very old and couldn't sew any more because of arthritis and bad eyesight, she gave it to me.
Nan died about six years ago at the age of 94. Her sewing machine just keeps going! It sews beautifully, weighs a ton, and sounds a bit like a helicopter, and I treasure it.
This is one of  the many sewing projects I have been tackling this week. I'm copying a dress owned by my friend Kate, don't you love those colours! I will post a pic when it's finished.
The dining table is closed until further notice. It miraculously morphed into a sewing table, while dinners balance precariously on laps... 
Here's Cleo sewing a birthday present for our friend and neighbour Hugo, who is turning 6 this week. Isn't it marvelous that MY daughter is now learning to sew on that amazing old machine!!
This is what she will be wearing to Hugo's Polar themed party, we took her old black sweatshirt and made it so much betterer!! I want a sweatshirt like that!
It's been raining a whole lot lately. I love the rain, I would be happy if it rained All The Time. I just feel so peaceful and content when it's raining.
Although the rain does tend to make my hair a bit frizzy...
Anyway, thanks for checking out my website... (WEBsite? Geddit?)
Hope you have a groovy weekend!
Lots of love


  1. It looks like you've had an amazing week! And I totally LOVE the garden art. Inspired! Belinda

    1. Two great ideas in one blog post! The garden art is a great idea! It reminds me of a tutorial I saw on moss art. I wish I had a garden just to try this!