Saturday, 18 February 2012

Is This Gorgeous Creature Related to Me?

My 17 year old daughter Diva, photographed by her best friend Peter.
Cleo trying out her 10th birthday present. It just got a whole lot noisier in our house!
Spencer comforts a startled cat, because of the noise. See above.

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  1. hi Dominique i found your blog by way of accident really like most things on the internet. It has really cheered me up as i'm having depressive mood at present. anyway i love all of your colourful inspiration and things to make you are very talented. I just loved the shawl your grandmothers is wearing. i am going to add your blog to my favourites list so i can revisit . your life sounds so peachy and sorted. I work partime here in England as a nurse and do all my crafting inbetween . I make lots and lots and today might try a bit of papermache. I love crocheting and have a lovely blanket on the go at the moment.Can you put the pattern up for that lovely little mouse i think he's knitted?by the way i live in Engl;and and its so nice to see what other crafty people are doing from all over the world bye for now pippa