Thursday, 9 February 2012

Full Moon, Foot Cosies, and Friday Morning

This huge yellow moon rose a couple of nights ago, as opposed to the other smaller one which was taking the night off ...
Oddly, my son has become very interested in wolves recently. I am suspicious...
My latest woolly obsession is slippers, and everyone I know will probably end up with a pair, whether they want them or not! My Awesome Friend Fiona has the dinkiest feet in the entire universe, which begged immediate slipper creation when she stayed with us for the weekend.
You get the idea when you see them next to my 9 year old daughter's giant hooves!
I sort of made up the pattern, but once I have figured out the size adjustments, I will write it up and post as a tutorial.
I am currently half way through a truly humungous pair for The Husband using brown and cream yarn, they look very manly! My son Spencer has requested a grey pair with wolf claws. Hmmmmmm......
Finally, here is a brief summary of Friday morning at our house...
"Go's too early...........don't wanna go to school.........five more minutes....."
Hope your Little Monsters bounced out of bed with a bit more enthusiasm than mine this morning!
Have a happy Friday, and a great weekend xxxx


  1. What fancy feet - Archie is a little into wolves as well - no wonder he likes Spencer so much.....

  2. love love love the slippers - so cosy and perfect for the coming winter season :)