Tuesday, 23 October 2012


 Here I am supervising the planting of lettuces. Or should that be letti? Don't you love those glamorous gumboots? The Fabulous Husband fixed up the vegie boxes, spent hours shoveling several cubic metres of dirt, and engineered these bean-climbing contraptions. Clever eh?
I didn't spend the entire day swanning around in my fluffy boots issuing orders, I did in fact plant these two beds!
We have planted celery, leeks, parsnip, carrots, beetroot,broccoli, spinach, radishes, spring onions, lettuce, beans, peas and snow peas, pumpkin, butternut, cucumber, gherkin, yellow and green courgettes, four different types of bell pepper, and aubergine!! Oh and tomatoes and herbs.
Speaking of aubergine, here is some food art by Cleo. Shortly afterwards he became ratatouille.
I always suspected my youngest daughter was bananas.
Hope you are having a blue sky day xxx

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