Monday, 19 December 2011

More Christmas Crafting!

The past couple of weeks have seen me busy making Christmassy things for special people! My son Spencer is moving on to college next year, and as a thank-you to his two wonderful teachers I made a necklace for each of them. I have recently had a go at resin embedding using tiny dried roses from my garden, and I think these turned out okay!
I admit I had a few disasters trying to get it right!
This is an owl bag I crocheted for my 17 year old daughter...
Her friend asked if she could PLEEEZ have one too, so I made a variation...

Then of course the little daughter wanted one! This one however went a little wild!

All three girls are very happy with their bags. I think it would be fun if they all went shopping together! I'm tempted to make one for myself, but I'm sure the teenager would tell me I was 'uncool' or something...
 Having recently taken part in the Christmas ornament swap, I'm feeling very proud of our Christmas tree. There are now more unique hand-crafted decorations than gaudy store-bought ones, and I'm determined to go 100% handmade next year! Here are a few of the decorations the children have made over the years...

I particularly like this peg reindeer made by Cleo last year, very clever!
 Humphrey Hare is enjoying being our Christmas Angel this year, although I think his halo has slipped!
 This bird is my most special decoration, as it belonged to my grandmother.
This little bird is so sweet, I think I will have to crochet him a nest and some tiny eggs!

This is the kid's advent calendar, which I made a few years ago. The light isn't very good, as it's hung in the stairwell which is a bit gloomy! I went for the Kiwi Christmas theme rather than snow and Santa. I think I should have made the pockets bigger, as stuffing in lollies for the three kids can be a challenge!

 Finally, a thank you to my friend Kate, whose pattern for Christmas baubles has saved me! My balls were always a bit wonky (gosh that sounds dodgy doesn't it?), as the pattern I was using wasn't quite right. But these are a breeze to make! 
Only a few days to go now until all the planning, shopping, making, credit-card-melting and wrapping comes together in a brief flurry of excitement. I can't wait!
Happy Christmas xxx

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