Monday, 3 October 2011

Lemony Dress

I couldn't resist this lemony fabric at Spotlight the other day, especially as it was reduced to $8 a metre! Love a bargain. One gin-and-tonic frock coming up!
I'm always thrilled to bits when I find violets in my garden, they smell divine, and look slightly untidy, which appeals to me for some reason...
I made myself a new pincushion, and solved the problem of it rolling around by weighting the stuffing at the bottom with some large ball bearings I found in my son's bedroom....he can always be counted on to hoard Useful Contraptions. Although at some point I'm sure I will be asked if I have seen them while tidying his room, because he needs them for something Very Important...


  1. Hi Dominique,
    I discovered you over at Bobo Bun and decided to have a peek at your blog and am very glad I did.
    I love that lemon fabric and look forward to seeing your dress when it's finished. I do hope you will model it for us.
    You flowers are beautiful and I must admit to liking slightly messy flower arrangements.
    What an ingenious idea to scavenge your sons' ball bearings for your pin cushion. I'm just wondering if they rattle around when you move it! :)
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  2. It is so funny and disturbing all at the same time - I loved this morning. Hope Cleo wasn't to covered in swamp mud... Archie was drenched and had to have a shower in his clothes - which of course he didn't mind. Lots of love, kate xxooxx.